Documentary Requirements


Additional documents may be required by the Labor Attachè as appropriate.

For New Employers Please use this checklist for Employers of landbased workers
For Foreign Placement Agencies Please use this checklist if you are a local recruitment agency sourcing workers for other employers.
For Seabased Employers Please use this checklist for Employers of workers based in vessels, or ships.
For OFWs On-site Registration Please use this checklist for documented OFWs who have changed their employers on the jobsite

For other checklists not found here, please check

Standard Contract Templates

Employers may use the Company’s standard template, provided that it is according to host country and Philippine Laws.

Household Service Worker  includes live-in carers, nannys, cleaners, maids, drivers and all domestic workers
Various Skills Worker All other skilled workers

Other Documentary Requirements


Employer Information Sheet

Employer Declaration for cross country hired OFWs

COVID-19 Undertaking for OFWs returning to the Philippines

Schedule of Verification Fees

Accreditation  (includes verification of Master Contract, Job Order, Recruitment Agreement, and Special Power of Attorney, and other employment documents)

One Worker €9.00 per document
More than 1 Worker €27.00 per document

Processing of Contracts

Each contract €9.00

On-site Registration

Each contract €9.00

Please be informed that POLO verified documents shall no longer be authenticated by the Embassy.