Agency Verification Tool

Check the Status of the Philippine Agency

View all Licensed Agencies

How to use:

Simply enter the name of the agency on the box provided. The status, authorized representative and other details will be shown.

If the agency you are transacting with is not listed here, they are unauthorized to recruit or deploy Filipino workers and must be reported to the nearest POEA or POLO for appropriate action. How to report

Make sure that the agency you are dealing with is licensed with the Philippine Overseas Employment Office. You may use the agency verification tool to see if the agency you are dealing with is authorized by the Philippine Government.

Important tips:

  1. Your agency will help you facilitate the deployment of workers to your company, make sure you will be informed of all the processes needed from their end.
  2. Provisional License holders cannot deploy domestic workers abroad.
  3. Make sure that you are transacting with the authorized person as provided in the details.
  4. Agencies are only allowed to collect up to one month salary of placement fees. For more information regarding the deployment of Filipinos, check the Employer’s information portal.